Topzudi Sex doll Factory


Doll Factory Production Line

Topzudi Dolls owns China’s oldest and largest TPE & Silicone Adul Sex Doll Factory. We have been in this industry for over 20 years, designing and producing sex dolls for different brands. And in 2022, we decide to start our adult sex doll brand TOPZUDI.

No matter where you are, we can ship our dolls to your doorstep thanks to our global warehouse settlement. In addition, we can provide OEM and ODM services to clients in any part of the WORLD.

Designer Team

Topzudi has a unique design team that allows our customers to choose from plenty of different styles of sex dolls.

Self Production

Self-owned factory allows us to provide the best-priced sex dolls to our customers with 100% quality assurance. That means NO MIDDLEMAN to raise the price.

Global Warehouse

We have set up more than 10 global warehouses to boost the shipping speed for our customers.


Best-Priced Assurance

Our production process is efficient, low-cost, and performed by only licensed and certified workers. We can provide sex dolls with the best-priced assurance.


Quality Control

Making sure our dolls have the best quality and safety assurance is top priority to us. We inspect every single doll before shipping it to clients.


Discreet Shipping

Clients’ privacy is important to us. We know some clients will feel awkward if letting neighbours know they are purchasing adult products. We will try our best to avoid this issue by providing discreet packaging and shipping service.

Why choose us

Your one-stop Adult Product shop

We service all the brands you can possibly think of

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