Sex Dolls! How did I fall in love with an adult sex doll?

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This Review article (his personal story) is written by a Topzudi Doll fan who wants to share his unique experience with sex dolls. If you feel the same way, please leave your comments in the comment area.

The approximate reading time of this article is about 10 minutes.

Topzudi Silicone Sex Doll
Topzudi Silicone Sex Doll

Last week, I placed an order for tickets to the Shanghai Adult Expo with the idea of learning about my sexual fetish. On the way back, my friend who was traveling with me complained that the two of us, who have no sex life, were not so much at the adult show as they were at a doll show. Indeed, although the exhibitors accounted for no more than thirty percent, regardless of the quality or popularity, doll exhibitors are the most eye-catching existence of the adult exhibition. Unfocused eyes, crumbling expressions, poor quality wigs, this is what most people think of as a love doll, or call it, an inflatable doll. In the age of underdeveloped information, inflatable dolls that explode carry almost all my images of poor-quality adult toys.

When I first saw the physical dolls at the show, I was ready to be disappointed when I put my hand on the thighs of those “beautiful girls”. Then a mysterious force glued my hand to it, and I couldn’t get it off. Is it not softer than the real thing? Feel for a second, the doll’s head sculpture is too exquisite. Whether it is loli control, imperial control, or Avatar control, you can always find the most suitable for you that doll. Isometric dolls are large-sized dolls of similar height to a person. You can say that Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses is considered an isometric doll. Although most of the dolls in the exhibition are dressed in revealing or hot bodies, exhibitors told me that people choose to pay a high price to take them home, but most of them are not rushed. It’s not that the old guys don’t want to rush, it’s that they can’t rush. A one-and-a-half meter doll, the skeleton is made of alloy and industrial plastic, and the weight is generally about 30 kg.

At the same time, daily maintenance and cleaning are very troublesome because of the nature of their material. You still need to carry more than 30 kg of iron to the bathtub to bathe it and after the bath wipe dry pat powder. I would need if this kind of fitness mammoth Buy this thing? Also, under the video of the equipoise doll in B station, the owners of the wares are dissuaded from the new menu. The development of the isometric doll today in the country has gone through a twenty-year history. Its adult toy color gradually faded, replaced by its similar to BJD (which refers to a variety of relatively small delicate movable dolls with ball joints), which was endowed with emotional tendencies of the companionship function. 

Isometric dolls’ difficult development, relies on domestic manufacturers in the technology and appearance of innovation. Because the doll is becoming increasingly sophisticated buyers are increasingly looking at it as a “person”. Exhibition of a chance encounter with an old doll owner told me that if you treat it as a beloved doll, weekly cleaning, and powder, the doll at home for ten years will not be bad.

Still, if you want to give it some strange movements, less than six months, the doll’s skin will break, “look at their favorite, so beautiful face, I think you must not give up. ” Imitation of the human form of the doll appeared 40 years ago, the earliest in Japan was made using rubber, selling for about thirty-eight thousand yen. The price of a motorcycle, a motorcycle tire-like feel is not what the average person can consume.

In the 80s, the emergence of soft rubber made dolls feel good, and the price all way up to 100,000 yen. The silicone dolls we are familiar with today did not enter the Chinese market until 2000. 10 years later, TPE (a highly resilient, high-strength plastic) isometric dolls were first made in China as real clothes models. Then after numerous technical innovations, there is now a soft feel and malleable limbs. Currently, on the market isometric dolls, most use silicone head sculpture + TPE limb composition. This can ensure that the features are delicate enough and the body is soft enough. In addition, there are cloth dolls and hand-made material dolls. Fabric dolls are relatively light overall and take the secondary route, fabric skin, using soft materials such as sponges for filling, which you can buy using less than 5,000 yuan. Handbag material, is heavier, the loss of softness, but the exquisite degree of other materials can not be matched. The single body price of more than 50,000 yuan. The left is the equivalent of a hand-me-down, and the right is the equivalent of a cloth doll; therefore, silicone material dolls rely on their good value-for-money characteristics and firmly occupy most of the domestic market.

From the first domestic isometric doll manufacturer EXDOLL improved the silicone production process, the silicone doll manufacturers began to find ways to create their own advantages to meet the consumer better. Yes, everything can be involuted. The most eye-catching thing about this adult exhibition is probably the robot head that can react to external touch, and the price after mass production is not even more than $5,000. There is this technology to do what is not good. The last order Comic Research is a manufacturer that specializes in customizing the body of secondary yuan dolls. The last order is Comic Research and the artist MVV cooperation models then rolled to the FURRY side. But the needs of the players are by no means just FURRY so simple, so there is the emergence of make-up alteration big brother and modification big brother. First of all, the makeup change, big brother, and BJD are different.

The makeup of the equivalent doll is more important in shaping the sense of reality. From skin pores to limbs and blood vessels need to be carefully shaped by the makeup artist. The fact is that the actual person is not only the actual person but also the actual person who is the actual person. The fox tail. The tail will drive the body to sway together when shaking. Super cute. Just shaking and shaking makes it easy to fall. Then to study how the doll shakes his head, he invented an automatic bear child defender, which also seems to be very practical. In this area of automatic defense, the technology area UP owner Coyote TOWER also used the fan-given equivalent doll to make an automatic wolf-proof humanoid weapon. The hardcore waifu owners also chat daily mostly about accessory choices, used modifications, and so on.

The group I joined at the adult show has become a popular science group for sellers, and even every once in a while, they will use live online science lectures, just like a group of serious enthusiasts. The most surprising thing is that the gender ratio in the group can be seventy-three open. The needs of men and women buying dolls are not the same. As I said earlier, the main male child to buy dolls, more want a sense of companionship. When a newcomer to the group wants to engage in the show, they will also be stopped by the old baby owners, “the real meaning of the doll is really in your most demands of comfort. If there is no one to accompany you to walk that difficult time, the doll is the best companion.” Said, UP owner @keykey adults and female baby owners. At the same time, they have to endure the surrounding people with different eyes around them. As you can see, the occasion that ordinary people can access these dolls is the adult exhibition.

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