My experiences upon buying a love doll 2023

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This Review article (his personal story) is written by a Topzudi Doll fan who wants to share his unique experience with sex dolls. If you feel the same way, please leave your comments in the comment area.

The approximate reading time of this article is about 8 minutes.


In fact, the price difference of silicon was relatively large, not only the price difference in quality, the price difference in function, and the price difference between the various platforms, as well as the price difference between the four major aspects of the brand. The price difference in dolls is divided into silicone and TPE materials.

TPE material: the advantage is that the price is low, basically the first choice of new players. The disadvantage is that it will be oily, plus Zoey dye. 1600-2400 can be arranged on a silicone material for basic ones. For some contours of the human body and pores which can be vividly displayed, the hair is implanted more real. But the disadvantage is that it is expensive. Another disadvantage is that it is easy to lose hair. After all, it is implanted on the doll’s head. In the process of changing clothes and normal use is easy to lose hair. Use more than six months, and it will appear bald (you can always change it after).

The difference in function: now the function is standing, interactive pronunciation, jelly chest, yoga bones, touch pronunciation, waist twisting, sucking function, veins, and hair transplantation. Each function costs 100-200, and the waist twist costs about 1000.  Functions normally won’t cost too much: can be interactive pronunciation + standing + jelly chest add up to less than 300. Price differences between the various platforms. (Because this type of item, once set after the figure function, paid, as long as the product cause no problem, you can not be refunded, so there is no reason to return this. Because the manufacturer has equipped you, we must think about it when buying and selling, do not wait to place an order and then regret it.)

Brand price difference: now the brand effect also comes out, like what Jun Ying and artificial people, the United States made people, Qi it, and so on; there are many brands. So is the brand necessarily good? Is there any difference between their brands? There is no difference. Materials and features are the same. The biggest difference is that the looks equivalent to this one have the face of this silicon baby, but the other does not. For silicon babies, looking at the face to determine sales is crucial, so do not care if you do not have to buy a big expensive ticket to buy what the town store treasures. In summary: novices of about $2,000 can buy a relatively good.

The actual feeling (touch, weight, and storage):

This is what we all want to know. The touch is soft and real. Some are softer than touching real human skin.

It is recommended to wear clothes on dols to operate, especially in winter. You don’t want the cold skin feeling of dolls to drown out your “hot” desire. Is there a heated doll? sure, but I don’t recommend for spending that money and it will also take 3-4 hours to head the doll itself. You can buy an electric blanket to keep it warm instead.

The weight of dolls, in another hand, concerns a lot of people. The silicon baby is a pure entity of things, a weight of more than 70 pounds is also very normal; as long as you buy, you have to accept the fitness preparation, do not think about a play with the doll. You can change a dozen poses. You will be exhausted after three or four position changes. 

Do not worry about storage, because there are limbs, you can easily save space, put it into a suitcase and it is worry-free.

Maintenance of sex dolls

Using talcum powder, also called protection powder to clean the doll’s body in and out. Spend a few dollars to buy a baby toner and fragrant and skin-friendly, and the feeling is not the same. Why should I use this? Because of the silicone material, after contacting the water, the silicone material will easily stick dirty and, at high temperatures, will also be oil, so the powder is the best protection tool.

Secondly, a silica clay stick is mainly a small stick to absorb dry internal water; why absorb dry internal water? You do not absorb dry words, plus you do not clean. Inside, your dead offspring will stink! Then, this can not be wanted. The smell simply can not be removed.

Thirdly, cleaning oil can solve some touch-dirty places.

Finally, it is best not to give it to wear dark clothes that are easy to stain, stain, and buy light-colored ones!

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